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More Poetry

Some material may be offensive to some. While I apologize for any offensive lyrics on this site, I take no personal liability for them and the material does not represent my personal position towards the issue.

1.My Bitter Sweet Goodbye Kiss-Natalie Cormier

2. Rain-Angella Cormier

3. Remember-Natalie Cormier*

4. The Willow--Natalie Cormier*

5. Goodbye Note--Natalie Guimond"


How to explain the way I feel? I never meant to hurt you. How do I say our love's not real, Because I don't feel it too? We've seen good times and we've seen bad. We've shared the best times I've ever had. You made me forget a sad and painful past. How do I explain why it couldn't last? I'm sorry for all the pain I've put you through. Please understand that I really do care for you, But love cannot be forced to exist where it does not. The plans we've made are better left forgot. It's okay to let go, it's okay to cry. Promises made are sometimes meant to be broken. I know it's hard, but we've gotta try, To leave our loving thoughts unspoken. How do I make you see that I love you With a love so bitter-sweet? How do I make sense of these feelings tearing me in two? How can I be strong the next time we meet? Friendship is a word that hurts I know, But sweetheart,it's time for us to just let go. My heart has changed like all thing do; It's telling me what I have to do. Goodbye is a word that sounds so sad I say it now, but remember this I'll never forget the good times we've had, And I leave you with this, my bitter-sweet goodbye kiss. By: Natalie E. Cormier 1999 10 06


As the sky darkens and clouds conquer the skies, The whirlwind proclaims the Earth with no shame. Leaves all around, failing to disguise, The rain soon to fall, to drown the pain. The sun's rays, hidden deep behind grey surroundings, It tries to emerge, but instead only weeps at such a sight. For this rain, unlike any other, is one of new beginnings, One of rage, chaos, disorders and of spite. The wind in my hair, sending me off to an unknown place, Shouts in my ears, telling me to forget all of my past. Shredding to pieces all existing grace, All is lost in the midst of shattered glass. Cold droplets begin to fall onto my broken body, Suddenly lightning strikes as I try to run away. Only wanting to become as before, free, But needing the power to be able to stay. Dripping from the water now pouring onto me as would the seas, Gushing from the skies, now blackened by it's angry nature. Doing everything to regain once known peace, The rain drowning my soul, sees in itself misguided pleasure. Falling, without knowing why or how to regain faith, I end this misery with one last look upon the downpour, covering my eyes. How will this end, destroying to create, A new life, a new mask, another disguise... Angella D. Cormier September 3, 1996.

REMEMBER-Natalie Cormier

Remember I try not to think of what might of been Because a lot has happened since then, Differents ways we have gone And we both have moved on. But as I gaze upon this shining star, I dare to wonder how you are. I hope my head forgives my heart tonight As it remembers something so right. I remember the first time those blue eyes met mine The way that I felt, no words can define. I remember your smile, so sweet and so bright Filling my heart with such sweet delight I remember the night, our heartbeats as one I remember the night where our love begun The world disapeared and melted away As we held each other while starting to sway I remember the rose now turned to dust And the way it glowed to show our lust The letter you wrote admitting your love Helps me remember what I keep dreaming of Now, one more tear I'll try to hide because I feel you with me, somewhere inside Forget you, How could I ever? You're the one love I'll always remember

THE WILLOW--by Natalie Cormier

Past the orchard in the meadow, There stands a tall solitary willow. No birds do sing, Nor beat their wings, For fear of tearing the silence, The silence of solitude and patience. Alone in his meadow, the willow waits. Days, weeks, years have passed, Since he has seen it last, but still in the meadow the willow waits. Silence is shattered by the steps of a man, The buzz of a saw, a moan of pain, A Piercing light, the path to tomorrow, Down, down, goes the tall lonely willow. The angels sing their heavenly song, For this he has waited so long. No longer he waits, No longer he weeps, This he has waited for, to have his dove, To never be lonely and forever know love.

Goodbye Note--Natalie Guimond

She found her picture She'd known for a while Nothing left for her No more denial She would rather die Still living that lie Than to be alone With all having known. Death in the end Is the only way. My heart cannot mend I cannot stay. Goodbye, Goodbye, Please don't you cry I love you, she wrote On a yellow post-it note.

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