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Akumal Beach Resort - Mexico - April 10-17, 2005

6AM sunday, April 10th at the Halifax International Airport awaiting flight AC1830 to Cancun, Mexico.

Air Canada flight 1830 with it's proud red maple leaf resting at gate 23 at the Halifax International airport

Lisa waiting patiently for the bus to leave the Cancun International Airport and head to our resort, the Beatiful Akumal Beach Resort

This is the amazing carribean sea as seen from the third floor of our resort in the beautiful Mayan RIviera.

This is one of the many amazing mayan ruins at the clifftop fortoress city of Tulum which overlooks the beautiful carribean sea

Me sitting on a back ledge of el Castillo (the Castle), the largest structure in Tulum

Lisa standing behind el Castillo in Tulum

One of the many breathtaking views of Tulum

These little lizzards were all over the hallway on our way to our room...a bit scary at first but totally harmless and kinda cute by the end of the week.

This is a picture of me taken in a lovely gazebo just off the main lobby.

Me chilling out in a hammock on a very hot sunny day in Akumal!

Me getting a bit tipsy in Mexico

Lisa in the main bar pre-drunken silliness

One night, we had a beer drinking competition between the staff and the guests in the main bar. From left to right is Flavio, anna, Julianno, Alma (on stage in the background), Isaiah (sitting at the right) and Martin.

Lisa and the very sexy Rodrigo dancing the night away.

The very sexy julianno doing a little striptease for the Mr. Akumal contest which featured six male guests from the hotel..not quite the mr. Universe competition but this demonstration was real entertainment!

Staff treated the guests to a coconut fest on the beach on saturday april 16th. We got to drink fresh coconut juice from the coconuts picked from the trees right there on the beach with rum, vodka, tequila, and a bunch of other alchol. From left to right behind the counter is Luis, Flavio and Isaiah.

Lisa with her very alcholic coconut drink on the beach

Me and the charming Flavio by the pool

This is me climbing some mayan ruins in xcaret park.

This is an awesome aquarium view in xcaret park. The air conditioned aquarium center was more than welcome!!

An amazing area in xcaret park where people could go snorkel along the coast.

The amazing carribean coast as seen from 240 feet in the air. This picture was taken from an observation tour in the center of xcaret park. Absolutely breathtaking.

Me in front of pink flamingos and parrots at the entrance to xcaret park.